Our commitment to Minnesota families and the communities we serve is unparalleled.

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with step-by-step personalized assistance that reduces the stress of financing your home and makes the process more enjoyable.

Simply put, every customer of Woodlands National Bank is treated as a “preferred” client. If you’re ready to purchase or refinance a home in Minnesota, we’re here to help. We offer great rates and a wide variety of mortgage products that are sure to meet your needs.
If you already know your financial requirements, but haven’t found the ideal house – get PRE-APPROVED! Complete an application, either online or with the help of a Mortgage Banker. We’ll obtain your credit report and let you know if we can offer you a pre-approved loan. When you’ve signed a contract, we will order an appraisal and issue a final loan approval, provided the loan-to value falls within established limits. 
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